Activation Help

If activation fails a message will appear explaining the reason:

  • Invalid Activation ID – check your spelling, we recommend that you copy and paste it.
    However if you do manually type it in please make sure you dont mistake letters for numbers i.e. O/0, S/5, I,1
  • Invalid Email Address – check your spelling, make sure you use the correct email address – this may not be your paypal email
  • ID for Wrong Simulator – make sure that you use the correct ID for the correct simulator.
    If you try to use the ID for say the 2382 to activate the 2377 it wont activate – use the 2382 ID for the 2382 simulator
  • Different PC – the Activation ID is assigned to 1 PC only, if you try to activate the simulator on a 2nd PC it will fail.
    You can purchase a discounted additional license if you wish to install the simulator on a 2nd PC

If you still need help with activation send us a message by clicking the support diagnostics button, this will forward us a copy of your diagnostics report to diagnose if you are mistyping your details or if it is something else