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Its such a bonus to check the level of knowledge, with a realistic examination. Would definitely recommend
C Mckanna-Maulkin

AAA much appreciated program
S Williams

Hi just wanted to say how good the products are. Recently purchased 2382, 2392 and Part P simulators and sailed through the online exams. Have already recommended this kit to a few others on the same course and will continue to do so.
J Bremner

hi i have purchased the 17th edition, i passed my exam first time its very good excellent software
M Rahman

Thanks I found this simulator good practice.It helped me through the test
U Harte

The software is very good and more realistic than going through books or other paper copies
M Wright

very good and easy to use

i like it
S Trotter

Brilliant Software, I started out taking 2 hours and fumbling through the regs book and barely passing, after a good two weeks cramming these exam sims in I got it down to 20 mins and high 90's % every time. Passed the actual exam easily - had all 60 questions answered in 1 hour, went over the whole lot a second time checking and was annoyed that I only got 97.5% must have slipped up on two somewhere!
S Riley

What a great tool, its a must have if you are going to take the 2382-12 exam. Easy to use software and setup of the program is just like the real exam
M Sheeran

Excellent tool to use before taking your PAT testing exam. I failed my first one as I had no idea what it entailed. This software has taught me more than the course did !!!! Has to be added to your "Must Have" list, pre exam
D Sneyd

Purchased the 2392 exam simulator just over a week ago and sat my exam last night, which I passed. I have to say the simulator was a great help, it was almost identical to the actual format of the GOLA exam. I would highly recommend this simulator for anyone sitting the 2392 exam. I am now doing my 17th Edition and will definitely be purchasing the 17th Ed simulator
S Keay

I think the software is great, I've only just started using it, and feel I am taking more information understanding it than just reading through study books. Even when your answers are wrong, it gives you referral pages to read back on that subjects you were wrong on find the correct answer
M Headlam

value for money, Good

very good nice package, helped me no end , great purchase
P Barrand

Well since I buy this software; it have really improved my understanding and when reading a question how to look for keys words. I would say it worth every penny and I would recomend to anyone out there to buy it
D Chin

been using download 2382 mock exam screen great so far still going through exam simulator good that wrong anwsers are listed and ref to where to find correct right anwsers lecsoft keep up the good work thanks steve
S Baker

I Passed on my second exam and that was after downloading this software, I am certain that this helped me identify the areas I was weakest in and enabled me to attain the pass i needed. You really can not get enough practice with this course in my view

gives you a instant preview on your knowledge and where you need to improve

excellent it's harder than the real exam

its made me realise how out of touch i am
P Arthur

good. well presented
S Maudarbocus

very easy to download and use
J Beckwith

Do your study first and then watch as with each exam your grade gets better
E Curr

very good
M Inglis

Nice and easy to use it is good that you can see the answers after
V Dabija

Excellent this software definetly helps me with my studies
K Ryan

It is realy good and I would recomend it to other people
M Pilkington

This is a very realistic simulator and not that much different from the online city Guilds exam. You will need to set the default to 80% as this is the pass mark required in the real exam. But still a very good learning tool
M Moore

Was lots of help and easy to use, even had some of the questions in my exam and I passed! So I would like to thank the team that created this software. Have already recommended it to friends and made my teacher aware of the web site for other students in the future. Thanks again

1 word brilliant
J Proctor

Excellent Software - Very useful to have different questions for every exam
J Capes


Great Exam Simulator

this is a great software realy helping me out, ive got my test soon ill let everyone no how i done after
H Khan

D Lynch

so far it has helped enormously and has helped to raise my percentage each time i use it and it is really good to good back and see where my weak points are to study more in those area's and to get use to the software will hopefully give me the edge
G Bellal

I just passed it,I think your software has been helpful
J He

it is very helpfull and helpfull staff
K Hussain

This software is a must if your sitting the 2377 exam. As I thought the exam would be a walkthrough but I failed first time. Not yet done my resit as I want to get plenty of practice in with this software
R Baines

Great help thanks
F Burke

This is brilliant - hopefully I will pass this time!!!
S Hingley

I am very pleased with it hopefully ill pass the exam, its tomorrow
D Webb

A great way of getting yourself ready to take the official exam, by building both confidence and ability
P Dwyer

its brilliant
K Ryan

Very good software
Y Lee

Pleasure to use
J Williams

I am very happy with this software
M Naserijam

very good software at the price
T Wilkinson

The program is very good and a good copy of the Gola system. No problems with installation or activation
N Ord

5 Star program. Easy to install, very user friendly. I've practised taking the 17th Edition test in a stress free environment at home and it's given me so much confidence I'm actually looking forward to taking the real test now !!
G Gibson

I used this software to support my reading of the regulations for 1 week prior to the exam and passed with 93.33% very good value in my opinion
R Soulsby

Great software very easy to use, Definately helped my 3 Maintenance Engineers pass the 17th Edition Exam
Camelot Theme Park

Great simulator! Got 96% on the exam!
G Coutts

Great item thanks
J Williams

Best 17th Edition Simulator out there!
D Leyton