CCN1 Core Domestic Gas Safety Exam Revision Simulator

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CCN1 Core Domestic Gas Safety Simulator

  • Database containing 450+ Questions
  • Unlimited use for 1 Year
  • Windows Compatible
  • Instant Download


The Lecsoft CCN1 Core Domestic Gas Safety exam simulator consists of a database of 450+ questions. On each exam questions are randomly selected from the database, as the questions are randomly selected no two exams are the same giving a more realistic exam experience. You also have the option to change the settings to allow 100+ randomly selected questions to be loaded at once. The CCN1 gas simulator helps you develop the knowledge and practical skills needed to prepare for the actual exam.

Multiple Exam Modes

Practice Mode (Answers marked instantly)

CCN1 ACS gas mock exam

Normal Mode (Answers marked at end of exam)

CCN1 gas revision questions

Menu System

The Lecsoft exam simulators menu system is similar to the C+G Evolve GOLA simulator, it navigates and functions in the same way so that you can become more accustomed to how it works for when you take the real exam

CCN1 evolve gola

Question Review

Throughout the exam, you can review the questions that have been flagged

CCN1 flag question

Topics Covered

  • Gas Pipework
  • Gas Appliances
  • Gas Combustion
  • Gas Health and Safety
  • Gas Flues and Ventilation
  • Gas Testing and Regulations
  • Gas Mixed Module Questions


  • Multiple exam modes available
  • Change the pass rate % to make it easier/harder to pass
  • The option to turn the display countdown timer on or off
  • The option to turn the current question number on or off
  • Turn the timer prompt on/off e.g. you have 10 minutes remaining
  • Change the colour settings for the Correct and Incorrect Answers
CCN1 gas question settings


At the end of the exam you can navigate through the exam again to review your answers or jump to specific questions so you can see your correct/incorrect answers, where a question has been answered incorrectly the correct answer is also shown. To make it even simpler incorrect answers are highlighted in red and correct answers in green (colours can be changed in settings)

CCN1 gas exam results


The module of questions can be changed so you can practice a specific area

CCN1 gas modules

Up To Date Software

We constantly keep our software up to date, making sure that you get the newest questions and features. We have a built in update feature which downloads any new questions or updates so you can be sure that you are revising from the latest information. We strive to stay ahead by keeping our software in the No. 1 position by constantly keep it updated with fresh content

Supported Operating Systems Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 compatible
NOT compatible with Apple computers or phones
Internet Connection Required
License You will need one license for each computer, 1 license is included with the software @ £19.99.
If you want to use the software on a 2nd computer you will need an additional license:
7.99 when purchased at the same time as the main software, £9.99 when purchased separately)
Installation Software is downloadable only, not available on CD
Download details will be instantly emailed to you once purchased
Activation Please note the software will lock to the PC it is activated on and is non transferrable once activated

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