Purchase Additional License @ £9.99 each

The software comes with a single license as standard so you can install the software on one PC only.

If you wish to use the software on more than one computer you will need a seperate license for each PC.

By purchasing an additional license, you will receive an additional activation code that will allow you to install the software on another PC.

Additional licenses are discounted by 50% to £9.99 each (£7.99 when purchased together with a simulator)

Additional licenses are registered against the person with the original license and must only be used by that person on their additional PC only
Additional licenses cannot be sold on to any one else - any attempt to do so will block both licenses
Additional licenses can only be purchased for the same software title for which you have a full priced license
Maximum of 2 additional licenses per full license

Please input your registered email address & select the exam simulator you wish to purchase an additional license for

Email Address: Exam Simulator: