Installation Guide

When you have completed payment, you will automatically receive an email with your download link for the simulator you have purchased

Step 1 - Download the Simulator

Click the download link in the email, the setup file will load, save it to your PC (preferably your desktop)

Step 2 - Install the Simulator

Once the setup file has downloaded to your PC, open it up by double clicking it and the setup process will begin.
Follow the installation wizard to install the simulator on your PC.

Step 3 - Activate the Simulator

Once installed you will see an icon shortcut for the simulator on your desktop, double click the shortcut to load the simulator
The software will need to be activated, this can be done by clicking the Online Activation button.
Lecsoft Online Activation

Input your Activation ID and email address, these can be found in the email you received when you purchased the software
Lecsoft Activation
Once you have input your details, click the Activate button and wait for the software to activate. Once activated the software will unlock and load

Step 4 - Troubleshooting

If activation fails a message will appear explaining the reason:

Invalid Activation ID

Check your spelling, we recommend that you copy and paste the activation code to avoid mistyping it.
However if you do manually type it in please make sure you dont mistake letters for numbers i.e. O/0, S/5, I,1

Invalid Email Address

Check your spelling, make sure you use the correct email address you used when ordering as this may not be your paypal email

ID for Wrong Simulator

Make sure that you use the correct Activation ID for the correct simulator.
If you try to use the Activation ID for the 2382 to activate the 2377 it wont activate, use the 2382 Activation ID for the 2382 simulator

Different PC

The Activation ID is assigned to 1 PC only, if you try to activate the simulator on a 2nd PC it will fail.
You can purchase a discounted additional license if you wish to install the simulator on a 2nd PC: Buy License

If you still need help with activation send us a message by clicking the support diagnostics button.
This will forward us a copy of your diagnostics report to diagnose if you are mistyping your details or if it is something else