Who We Are?

Lecsoft specialises in developing training exam simulators specifically for the electrical and plumbing trades.

Over the years our simulators have helped 1000’s of students gain their qualifications, they are used daily by students at home, and are also used by colleges and commercial companies who use them to train their students and employees.

We develop the software ourselves in house which means that we can easily adapt and improve our software as and when we need to. This enables our customers to have the latest most up to date questions and software features to help them revise for their exams.

Our exam simulators are packed full of features and we’re confident ours are the best trade simulators on the market. However dont take our word for it, download a Free Demo and see for yourself.

The simulators and content are created by actual tradesmen who have been working in both the electrical and plumbing industry for several years.

Through years of experience of running our own electrical companies, we have gained great knowledge in the electrical industry specifically in the regulations and inspection/testing as this is part of our daily work.

We constantly keep our software up to date, making sure that you get the newest questions and features. We have an update feature built in to our simulators which will download any new questions or features when they are released so you can be sure that you are revising from the latest information.

By having a live update feature built in to our software, we strive to stay ahead of our competitors by keeping our software in the No. 1 position by keeping it constantly updated with fresh content. If you need a feature or think of something that can improve the simulators then feel free to let us know, as we develop it ourselves we can easily make changes and send out updates.