Frequently Asked Questions

Pre Sales

Does your software work on Apple devices

No our software is windows compatable only.
However some of our clients use Parellels software without any issues

Can i buy the software on CD

No - The feedback we've received is that there is very little demand for CDs due to the extra costs involved, so the software is downloadable only

How many times can you use the software?

You can download and use the software as many times as you like, and will receive all future updates for free

I dont have a PayPal account - how can i pay?

When you arrive at the PayPal payment page, click on the link "Don't have a PayPal account?"
This will allow you to input your debit/credit card details to make a payment

What operating systems will the software work on?

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8. Both x32bit & x64bit on all operating systems

Post Sales

Can you resend my Activation ID

Click on the following link to resend your ID Resend Activation ID

The download link doesn't work in my activation email

Sometimes your email spam filter can stop the link from being clickable
Simply click the downloads button on the main menu above and navigate to your download setup

I cant install the software

Please follow the Installation Guide step by step
If you need help, please let us know which steps you have completed e.g. Steps 1-2

The image is missing from the question

Click on the Image button on the menu when a question refers to an image

How do I change the exam module for the plumbing simulators?

Click the settings button and select the module from the drop down list 61292ModulesLarge

I've sent you an email but haven't received a reply

Please allow 24 hours however usually we reply within the hour where possible.
If you havnt received a reply after 24 hours, check your spam folder as more than likely we've replied but the email has been filtered