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Reviews / What Our Clients Say

  • Great software very easy to use, Definitely helped my 3 Maintenance Engineers pass the 17th Edition Exam
    Camelot Theme Park
  • Just wanted to say how good the products are. Recently purchased 2382, 2392 and Part P simulators and sailed through the online exams. Have already recommended this kit to a few others on the same course and will continue to do so.
    J Bremner
  • Brilliant Software, I started out taking 2 hours and fumbling through the regs book and barely passing, after a good two weeks cramming these exam sims in I got it down to 20 mins and high 90's % every time. Passed the actual exam easily - had all 60 questions answered in 1 hour, went over the whole lot a second time checking and was annoyed that I only got 97.5% must have slipped up on two somewhere!
    S Riley
  • Excellent tool to use before taking your PAT testing exam. I failed my first one as I had no idea what it entailed. This software has taught me more than the course did !!!! Has to be added to your "Must Have" list, pre exam
    D Sneyd
  • Purchased the 2392 exam simulator just over a week ago and sat my exam last night, which I passed. I have to say the simulator was a great help, it was almost identical to the actual format of the GOLA exam. I would highly recommend this simulator for anyone sitting the 2392 exam. I am now doing my 17th Edition and will definitely be purchasing the 17th Ed simulator
    S Keay
  • I Passed on my second exam and that was after downloading this software, I am certain that this helped me identify the areas I was weakest in and enabled me to attain the pass i needed. You really can not get enough practice with this course in my view
  • This is a very realistic simulator and not that much different from the online city Guilds exam. You will need to set the default to 80% as this is the pass mark required in the real exam. But still a very good learning tool
    M Moore
  • This software is a must if your sitting the 2377 exam. As I thought the exam would be a walkthrough but I failed first time. Not yet done my resit as I want to get plenty of practice in with this software
    R Baines
  • 5 Star program. Easy to install, very user friendly. I've practised taking the 17th Edition test in a stress free environment at home and it's given me so much confidence I'm actually looking forward to taking the real test now !!
    G Gibson
  • Great simulator! Got 96% on the exam!
    G Coutts
  • I used this software to support my reading of the regulations for 1 week prior to the exam and passed with 93.33% very good value in my opinion
    R Soulsby